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Tina Metzer

Tina Metzer

RuralRISE Co-Founder

From nonprofits to the private sector, Ms. Metzer possesses an array of skills and experiences in project management and ecosystem development. In addition, Ms. Metzer is a self-motivated entrepreneur and works passionately to develop rural opportunities in Appalachia and across the country. Ms. Metzer currently serves as the Vice-President and Co-Founder of the National Center for Resource Development, helping mission-driven organizations increase their impact. Ms. Metzer is also co-founder of RuralRISE, a national movement focusing on rural entrepreneurship and ecosystem development. Ms. Metzer’s primary focus at NCRD is on rural – including the identification and development of rural opportunities. Ms. Metzer has managed a variety of initiatives with a focus in Broadband, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Environmental Industry, and Creative Ecosystem Development across the United States as well as global entrepreneurship programs. Contact Tina at