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News Articles

Data collected in these gatherings will be added to a deep-dive set of technical demographics already compiled by e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

This problem does have solutions. "... pockets of the state that have figured out creative ways to encourage rural development," said rural community development expert Don Macke.

Don Macke indicates in report, "Where Our Jobs Come From" that over the next generation, between a third and a half of all workers will be self-employed or part of this new gig economy. This article explores the implications for rural community growth.

GRO has been developed in partnership with national experts from e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and NetWork Kansas. It's e2's newest entrepreneurial community initiative work.

The Community Foundation of White County in Indiana is hosting a series of community conversations led by e2 consultants, Frank and Kimberlee Spillers, of Rural Community Solutions. This work is based on data compiled by e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to encourage development growth in the area.

Don Macke kicks off the Entrepreneurship Track at Radically Rural, Sept. 22. He will be joined by Bob and Jean Stowell, Ord NE community leaders to share lessons learned in building a rural entrepreneurial ecosystem and NetWork Kansas' Steve Radley and Imagene Harris who will discuss capital-access strategies in rural communities.