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Pathways to Rural Prosperity

Welcome to Pathways to Rural Prosperity

The Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast provides strategies to empower rural community success and vitality. Hosted by e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems' Don Macke, episodes will feature interviews with cutting edge rural development thought leaders and community practitioners; remarkable entrepreneurs including business, nonprofit, and government professionals; and the learnings of e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Connect with Don, learn more about e2, and subscribe!

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Recent Episodes

Every day thousands of Boomers are retiring in America, a trend that will continue for three decades. Retiring Boomers are a massive economic, social, and entrepreneurial driver in rural America today. In this episode, Don and Shelley explore retiree-led development as a nontraditional entrepreneurial development opportunity for nearly every rural community.
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Rural Minnesota is blessed with very strong community economic development infrastructure and culture. This episode of our podcast features veteran economic developer, Pam Bishop, with the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation and its highly successful entrepreneurial communities’ initiative – Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV). Pam shares stories of empowering entrepreneurial communities in rural Southern Minnesota.
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In this episode of Pathways to Rural Prosperity podcast, Don Macke hosts Maria Meyers and Kate Pope Hodel with SourceLink and the authors of the book Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure. They share how SourceLink came to be and how it provides infrastructure for entrepreneurial ecosystems across the country.
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Our guest on this episode is friend, colleague, and teacher--Milan Wall with the internationally recognized (Heartland Center for Leadership Development). Together we explore the keys to community capacity building, which is the ability of a community to impactfully engage in its own development. Milan is a practitioner and thought leader in this space.
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In this fourth and final episode of our series on e2’s Development Framework, Shelley and Don talk about how a community can gather metrics, short stories and testimonials to create a compelling narrative for community stakeholders. Funding the metrics and story capture work at a robust level and ongoing basis is often a big challenge but demonstrating impact is key to the sustainability of entrepreneurial ecosystem building efforts. 
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Don and Shelley talk about e2’s field-tested and comprehensive development framework for organizing communities to effectively and efficiently engage with entrepreneurs, network them to resources, and generate desired community economic development impacts. They address how communities can learn from entrepreneur interactions to inform smart entrepreneurial ecosystem building.
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