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In this episode of Espresso with Entrepreneurs, Lea Ann sits down with Laura Martin, the founder and owner of Sew Loved Quilt Shop in Elkhart, Kansas. Laura shares her journey of turning her passion for sewing into a successful business, and the challenges and triumphs she has faced along the way.

During the interview, listeners will learn:

- Laura's inspiration for starting Sew Loved Quilt Shop
- The process of turning a passion into a profitable business
- The importance of community
- Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own creative business

Whether you are an avid quilter, a budding entrepreneur, or simply looking for some inspiration, this episode is sure to resonate with you. So grab a cup of your favorite coffee and tune in to learn from Laura's journey of stitching together success in the quilting world.

Please enjoy Part 1.

In this edition of Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast Don Macke with e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems hosts Matt Dunne, the founder and Executive Director of the Center on Rural Innovation. Matt is a leading rural development thought leader, innovator and practitioner working across the United States. This podcast edition focuses on Matt’s personal journey into this work, and an exploration of the Center’s work and resources. The Center’s mission is our best promo for this podcast… “Advancing economic prosperity in rural America through the creation of inclusive tech economy ecosystems that support scalable entrepreneurship and tech job creation.”

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Espresso with Entrepreneurs! How often do we get to talk about show cattle taking over a downtown business district? Today, we have the pleasure of hosting Christian Calliham, a distinguished figure from the world of agriculture and entrepreneurship. Christian, known for his founding role in the Aggieville Showdown (and a former YEC participant), joins us to share his journey, insights, and fervor for the intersections of agriculture, Aggieville, and entrepreneurship.
We hope you enjoy the episode and, as always, stay inspired and keep brewing success!

In this edition of Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast, Don Macke with e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems hosts Ron Zeigler, President and CEO of Community Economic Development Associates or CEDA for short. Don and Ron’s conversation focuses on CEDA’s current and emerging work with smaller rural communities in the upper Midwest. CEDA has an innovative service model worthy of consideration and replication in other parts of rural America. Ron is a leader in the field of community economic development and this podcast will explore his journey as well.