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In this edition of Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast, Don Macke with e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems hosts John Monson with Compeer Financial and Pam Bishop with the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) focusing on the exciting partnership between Compeer Financial and the SMIF to expand REV (Rural Entrepreneurial Venture) in its home of Minnesota and into Wisconsin and Illinois. Our conversation will explore the vision behind this collaboration and its potential to expand Entrepreneurial Communities initiatives in the upper Midwest.

Nathan Ohle is the President and CEO of the International Economic Development Council or IEDC for short. IEDC is the world’s largest economic development professional organization. IEDC is now offering a wider range of resources, including professional training and certification focusing on entrepreneur-led economic development. This month, Nathan is Don’s guest on Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast ( This podcast explores Nathan’s development journey, IEDC’s mission and resources and its growing commitment to all communities, including rural communities, and entrepreneurship. Learn more.

Rural communities across the country are taking an entrepreneurial approach to economic revival. And it’s working.

Rural North America is a remarkably diverse collection of regions and communities. Each region and community has unique assets, development histories and preferences for community economic development. Entrepreneur-led development is the foundation for all community economic development for all communities and particularly rural communities. In the United States, unlike other developed economies such as Canada, the European Union and Japan, the primary responsibility for a community’s development and success is rooted with local communities, and their leaders and community builders.

For rural communities beginning their entrepreneurial journey, Strategies for Rural Prosperity provides a framework for rural relevant community economic development, and 11 likely entrepreneurial development opportunities. The 11 entrepreneurial development opportunity strategies are anchored in over 40 years of field experience from across the North American continent. These strategies are practical and innovated by rural people and communities. Strategies for Rural Prosperity captures these insights and provides both development frameworks that can be customized to your community, and guides for crafting and executing high impact entrepreneurial game plans.

When American ecosystem builders gather, we often talk about the entrepreneurial programs we offer to support entrepreneurs and their development. Programs and resources are essential for high-performing ecosystems. However, e2’s field experience is clear – do not begin with programs and resources! Begin working with area entrepreneurs, build relationships, learn about their needs and wants, and then network them to available relevant resources.