How to Get Started

Want to put your community on a pathway to prosperity but don't know where to start? Need good information about your community so you can begin moving in the right direction?

The Center has tools to help communities – whether a single county, city or multi-county region – take that first step toward building a brighter future. Think of the Center as the GPS for your journey, no matter how long or short!

The Basics - Profiles

We  have entry-level, empowering research tools to help you better understand your community’s starting point:

Development Opportunity Profile brings together a range of secondary data so that you understand the regional context and the population, employment and income trends for your community. We also identify the primary drivers of your community’s economic success so you’ll be in a better position to focus in on your community’s genuine development opportunities. View a sample Development Opportunity Profile.

Philanthropic Opportunity Profile draws on research unique to your community to help you better understand your specific opportunity for increasing philanthropy in support of sustainable community betterment. Using a range of secondary data, this profile will help you understand the drivers of wealth in your community and the potential for community-based philanthropy to support your economic development dreams and plans. View a sample Philanthropic Opportunity Profile. 

Generational Diversity Profile will help you understand generational change and its implications for your community’s development and success. We’ll share your community’s generational profile and research that will help you understand some of the differences across the generations that may have an impact on community leadership, philanthropy and development. View a sample Generational Diversity Profile.

More Tools & Services

If you want to delve more deeply into your economy or into any of these profiles, check out our value-added resources.