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Growing Entrepreneurial Communities 2016

The Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit brought together a variety of best practice programs from many disciplines and perspectives, urban and rural, in one place to talk about what it takes to build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. This webpage to captures some of what we saw and heard during the conference.

Access Presentations and Materials

Session 1: What is an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

What is an e-ecosystem panel left to right: Jill Nichols, Rice County Kansas; Tammie Sweet, Grow Florida and Don Macke

Session 2: Is Your Community Ready to Build an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

Ines Polonius, Communities Unlimited, addresses community readiness in the deep South.

Session 3: How Do You Get Started Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

At podium: Patricia Brasted, Wichita Technology Corporation; Panel left to right: Emily Breedlove, Small Town Ventures; Penny Lewandowski, Lowe Foundation

Session 4: How Do You Measure an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

Maria Meyers, US Sourcelink