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Pathways to Rural Prosperity

Welcome to Pathways to Rural Prosperity

The Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast provides strategies to empower rural community success and vitality. Hosted by e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems' Don Macke, episodes will feature interviews with cutting edge rural development thought leaders and community practitioners; remarkable entrepreneurs including business, nonprofit, and government professionals; and the learnings of e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Connect with Don, learn more about e2, and subscribe!

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Recent Episodes

In this edition of Pathways to Rural Prosperity podcast, Don Macke interviews author John O’Duinn, an expert on the topic of distributed teams. In the evolving age of remote work, John addresses how we can “work together while physically being apart.” For rural communities, the implications are huge where people can choose to live in nearly any community, including rural America, throughout the USA and the world. John provides tips for working with distributed teams to improve their effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.
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All rural communities have visitor attraction development potential. Many rural communities have destination tourism opportunities. In this episode Don and Shelley explore entrepreneurial opportunities for visitor attraction and how rural communities can diversify their economies through tourism. Additionally, this episode focuses on how to improve tourism to grow stronger ventures and better jobs.
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Embracing all aspects of a community’s diversity is foundational to growing entrepreneurial communities. Dell Gines with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is one of America’s leading thought leaders in community-centered entrepreneur-led development. He joins Don Macke in a conversation about diversity and entrepreneurship.
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Growing numbers of rural Americans are becoming marginalized, profoundly impacting the viability of communities. Don Macke and Frank Spillers, owner of Rural CommunitySolutions, explore the marginalization of rural Americans and its implications for rural community economic development.
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In this episode of Pathways to Rural Prosperity, Chris Gibbons, founder of Economic Gardening, joins Don in a conversation about the role of market intelligence research as part of a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. Chris shares the history of this historic and possibly oldest entrepreneurship movement as well as some fun stores of how Economic Gardening is making a difference with growth entrepreneurs.
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Rural entrepreneurial ecosystems come in all shapes and sizes. This episode focuses on the Hannah Grimes Entrepreneurship Center in Keene, New Hampshire and its founder Mary Ann Kristiansen. This episode coincides with the release of a new case study on the Center and its upcoming September 2021 Radically Rural conference in Keene.
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