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e2 University

What is e2 University?

e2 University is our digital platform for sharing more than 40 years of continuous work in the field of community economic development. Our role has been to discover, capture, share, test, and evolve the Energizing Entrepreneurs Development Framework. You will find an entire curriculum that includes guides, worksheets, exercises, and more!



Explore how the e2 Development Framework and resources can support you and your community's entrepreneurial ecosystem building. Within the Intro Guide, we provide a high-level look at the five core resources available through e2 University:

  • Community Readiness for Entrepreneurship
  • Organizing for Action
  • Assessments to Strategy
  • Working with Entrepreneurs
  • Metrics, Stories and Sustainability

Want access to the full e2U library?

We are happy to provide access to these resources to anyone working with communities free of cost with just one condition – those using these resources agree to share their learning, stories, and experience with us by joining our National e2 Practitioners Network.

Additional Resources

Please visit our e2 University theme papers page.