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As we build out our national platform, we look forward to adding you to our team as a partner! Interested in joining us? Contact Don Macke.

Frank & Kimberlee Spillers

Frank & Kimberlee Spillers

Rural Community Engagement Specialists or
(712) 250-0275

Frank and Kimberlee Spillers specialize in strategies and techniques that design family-friendly, youth-centered places. With Don, they provide community engagement design and mentoring for this work. Co-owners of Atlantic, Iowa-based, Rural Community Solutions, they bring more than 30 years of experience growing rural areas using collaborative, inclusive training processes grounded in civility. Their customized approaches transform cultural environments through leadership and behavioral changes to improve cooperation and coordination between residents and public and private partnerships, driving new solutions for community prosperity.
Fun fact: Frank’s energy and enthusiasm have fired up communities around the country, earning the reference, “the Zig Ziglar” of rural development!