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In our first book, Energizing Entrepreneurs: Charting a Course for Rural Communities, we made the case for entrepreneurship development, and provided a roadmap for communities interested in getting started. Download your copy by clicking the title or picture. 

We also created a guide for county leaders titled, Energizing an Entrepreneurial Economy: A Guide for County Leaders.


Since then, we've honed our approach, and built out our tools to help communities of all sizes create a supportive ecosystem for their entrepreneurs to increase impact. Our second e2 book, Energizing Entrepreneurial Communities:  A Pathway to Prosperity, highlights this work.

You'll learn why you must take control of your community's economic future and get concrete ideas for doing it. You'll also find alternatives to conventional economic development approaches. Economic developers experienced in entrepreneurship will find a systems approach to building community prosperity. Download your copy now!


In the 2011 book, Transfer of Wealth in Rural America, Don Macke, Deborah Markley and Ahmet Binerer share transfer of wealth scenarios for the U.S. – a remarkable $15.4 trillion could be passed from one generation to the next over the next 20 years. What might this mean for communities and foundations, particularly in rural America?



We updated the transfer of wealth numbers in 2018 for the Chronicle of Philanthropy in a special report, "$9 Trillion and Counting." This report highlights the philanthropic potential in the next 10 years and shares stories of foundation action and commitment to capture some of this transfer for community strategic grantmaking investment.