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Why We're Here

Effective Community Engagement

For more about the Center's process for effective community engagement, contact Don Macke.

When we talk about effective community engagement, we are describing a process where we work in partnership with a group of committed community leaders to help you build on your assets, more effectively engage others in your community, identify and attract key stakeholders, develop the best strategy for your community, and then implement well and sustain your efforts over time.

Creating prosperity is not a job for a single organization. Our decade‐long fieldwork in places as diverse as Nebraska, Appalachian Ohio, South Dakota, North Carolina, Kansas, the Panhandle of Texas, and the Paradox Region of Colorado confirms that effective community engagement is the central component of building the capacity to envision, create and sustain strategies for prosperity.

How we use effective community engagement in our work:

Our book, Energizing Entrepreneurial Communities:  A Pathway to Prosperity, describes the approach we use to partnering with communities to craft an effective entrepreneur-focused development strategy and help them become Entrepreneurial Communities.