Add-On Tools for Extra Value

Field-tested. Effective. And given the stamp of approval from our partners. Following is a list of our most current resources to help your community get started on its path to prosperity.

More Development Opportunity Resources

Economic Diversity - Diversity sustains development through an ever-changing global environment. This report highlights the importance of diversity to economic success and provides specific information on your community’s economic diversity across several measures.

Economic Clusters - Clusters (e.g., tourism, manufacturing) can be the building blocks of a more prosperous economy. This report defines and describes your community’s top economic clusters and their importance to your economic future.

Manufacturing - In spite of significant restructuring, manufacturing continues to be important to many economies. This report provides more detailed information on your community’s manufacturing sector and might be useful in support of a retention and expansion strategy.

Tourism - Many rural communities have assets that support a vibrant tourism sector. This report provides more detailed information on opportunities in your community’s tourism sector.

Agriculture - A mainstay of many rural communities, this report provides more detailed information on trends and opportunities in your community’s agricultural sector.

Community Conversation - Who lives in your community and how are they doing? This report is designed to support decision making and community conversations around these important questions. We can also create Future Scenarios to help your community better understand the future, given current and likely realities. 

Don't forget our e2 University resources for deeper engagement down the road!

More Philanthropic Opportunity Resources

Donor Opportunity Analysis helps you understand where potential high-capacity and other donors are in your community so that you can better target scarce resources for greater donor engagement and development.  

Transfer of Wealth™ Analysis provides a more detailed and comprehensive assessment of the wealth that will pass from one generation to another over the next 10, 20 and 50 years in your community. 

Philanthropic Sector Analysis provides more detailed information about the key non-profit players in your community’s philanthropic sector. 

Charitable Giving Analysis gives you a profile of charitable giving in your community so that you have a better understanding of where and how people give.

More Generational Diversity Resources

Generational Diversity Analysis provides a more customized assessment of generational diversity as it relates to philanthropy or other specific issues in your community.

Generational Scenario Analysis can help you see the potential impacts of strategies targeted to attracting and retaining young people on population and generational diversity.

Value-Added Services

We are happy to package any of these profiles together with additional services to help you use these resources to encourage action in your community. 

Consultations – A phone or video consultation with Don Macke or Deb Markley can help you better understand the research and identify ways to use this information to encourage action in your community. 

Webinar – A customized webinar presentation for a meeting or other event is a great way to create energy and action around your development efforts. We’ll share information, take questions and offer insights into using these resource tools in your community. The webinar will be recorded so that it can be viewed by others in your community.

Toolkits – Share your profile with stakeholder groups by using toolkit elements: a PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint talking points and supplemental resources.

Other Services

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss other ways in which the Center could help further your entrepreneurial development and community philanthropy efforts. We have experience providing…

Keynote Presentations delivered live or via webinar/video platform and centered on sharing research and identifying genuine development opportunities. 

Customized Workshops designed to share profile information, combined with our field experience, to help move your community toward action. 

Training Institutes providing an opportunity to go deeper and begin to map out an action strategy for your community. 

Coaching Support for community partners who are taking steps to engage the broader community and move toward project implementation.  

Community-Based Projects and Initiatives provide an opportunity for the Center to work in partnership with a community organization, both on the ground and virtually.