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Community Development Philanthropy

Generational Diversity Analysis

In 2017 the Center was acquired by Virginia Community Capital (VCC), a community development financial institution (CDFI), to be part of the team that launched LOCUS Impact Investing, a social enterprise with a mission to empower place-focused foundations to invest their capital locally to build prosperous, vibrant communities. The Center's community development philanthropy work and analytic tools, including Transfer of Wealth™ Opportunity Analysis, will continue to evolve and bring value to foundations as part of the broader LOCUS mission. Learn more here. You can continue to explore our entrepreneurship work on this website. We look forward to providing a more comprehensive range of solutions for communities through this transition!

The first step in addressing critical community issues is to understand your starting point, including your community’s unique generational makeup. Some communities are aging naturally as population declines, while others are intentionally attracting retirees. Others are luring tech-savvy millennials or those seeking a small town quality of life. Whatever your community’s unique situation, you will be better equipped to support the community building process if you understand generational diversity.

Our Generational Diversity Analysis helps guide community engagement strategies to insure that the current and future direction of the community is decided and guided by a group of residents who reflect not only the racial, ethnic and gender diversity of a place but also its generational diversity. This analysis is one way we bring Empowering Research to community leaders as a decision-making tool.

Generational Diversity Analysis...

  • Gives you the information needed to be forward thinking in terms of understanding your future donors, stakeholder, volunteers, etc.

  • Helps you target board, staff and volunteer recruitment efforts toward a desired generational group

  • Provides good content for holding a community conversation about engaging the generations on critical community issues

Sample Generational Diversity Reports

Below is a collection of sample documents and tools. Feel free to download them or contact Don Macke to see how you might benefit from your own Generational Diversity Analysis. Don't forget to check out our Community Development Philanthropy resource library for even more resources!