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Working with Entrepreneurs

If your development goals include increasing the number of new businesses and helping existing businesses grow, we know that you first must work with your entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the drivers behind business growth and you need to identify them, engage them and then work with them to understand and meet their needs. We recognize that working with entrepreneurs is an art and a science, and we have the resources you will need to get better at working with these creative and innovative community residents.

To get started, download the following resources:

Five Myths about Entrepreneurs

Valley County Nebraska Success Story

Meaningful Business Development in NC's Mountains

Fairfield, Iowa

For materials referenced in our book:

Fairfield, Iowa story (p. 20)

Growth entrepreneur story (p. 30, 149, 157)

Five Myths About Entrepreneurs (p. 103)

Understanding and targeting entrepreneurs tool (p. 104)

Valley County Nebraska case study (p.112)

High Country North Carolina story (p. 113)

Sample intake form (p. 119)

Webinar on tracking data (p. 125)

Outcome Metrics (p. 128)

Webinar on Red flags in entrepreneur coaching (p. 137)

Sample entrepreneur coach job description (p. 140)

Sample request for qualifications proposal (p. 141)

Working with Entrepreneurs package – see information below (p. 141)

The Four Working With Entrepreneurs Packages