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A great game plan, well executed, is the key to entrepreneurial success. But, what are the elements of that game plan?


The Center's Strategy resources are designed to help you move from opportunity assessment to the development of a great game plan for growing an entrepreneurial economy. A successful entrepreneurial community creates an ecosystem to identify, support and celebrate entrepreneurs. Just as a healthy natural ecosystem supports a diversity of life, a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem supports a critical mass of business, social and civic entrepreneurs who, in turn, contribute to a more prosperous community. Creating an Entrepreneurial Development System or EDS for short is an important step toward becoming a true entrepreneurial community.

To get started, download the following resources:

Economic Gardening summary

Ten Tips for Implementing an Economic Gardening Project by Christine Hamilton-Pennell

Revitalizing Rural Economies through Entrepreneurial Development Systems, FIELD, The Aspen Institute

Creating Systems for Entrepreneur Support, Erik Pages (page 4)

For resources referenced in our book:

The art of branding (p. 51 and 106)

White paper on economic gardening (p. 146)

The full Entrepreneurial Strategy package includes:

  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Strategy Guide
  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Strategy Info Sheet
  • Infrastructure for Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs Input Survey
  • Service Providers Input Survey
  • Great Businesses and Good Jobs: Empowered by Committed Entrepreneurs
  • 10 Keys to Economic Success: Growing Entrepreneurial Communities
  • Entrepreneurs: A People Attraction Strategy
  • Business Transition Strategies
  • Increasing Deal Flow and Capital Access
  • Market Intelligence Research
  • Eight Sample Community Strategies from Across America
  • Transfer of Wealth in Rural America book
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Readings
  • Legacy Strategy Pieces