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In the Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2011), John Kania and Mark Kramer wrote, "Large-scale social change requires broad cross-section coordination, yet the social sector remains focused on the isolated interventions of individual organizations."

The solution to this challenge, according to Kania and Kramer, is collective impact: the art and science of broad community engagement leading to a more powerful shared vision, action plan and support for implementation and execution.

Our Organizing resources will help you bring together the key players in your community to assess opportunity, develop an entrepreneurship strategy, implement a game plan and sustain your efforts over time.

To get started, download the following resource:

Leaders are Key

For resources referenced in our book:

Identifying your starting point (p. 23)

Job description for leadership team members and attribute checklist (p. 60)

Examples of Pathway Resources (p. 68)

Examples of Retail Resources (p. 69)

Stakeholder mapping tool (p. 90)

Conversation starters with stakeholders (p. 92)

Development goals tool (p. 114)

Fueling Your Business guide from North Carolina (p. 152)

Sample funding map (p. 181)

Sources of external resources (p. 183)

Sample inter-local agreement (p. 184)

Building field of interest funds (p. 186)

Straight Talk with Nicole Sedlacek (p. 189)

The full Organizing package includes...