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Tracking & Portfolios

How can we track and manage our entrepreneurial clients? How do we make sure we are delivering value to them while we are moving our economy forward?

Learn how to take a portfolio approach to working with entrepreneurs, based on your talent mapping and targeting. Explore simple but effective ways to manage and track this portfolio so that you can work effectively and create impact. This is part 3 of 4 departments addressing how to work with entrepreneurs.  Includes:

  • Client Tracking and Portfolios Guide
  • Tracking & Portfolios Info Sheet
  • Confidentiality info and sample package
  • Recorded Webinars

    Portfolio, Tracking, Metrics & Stories - November 21, 2014
    Entrepreneur Discovery & Targeting - Fall/Winter 2011 Training Series
    Referral & Tracking - Winter 2011 Training Series

  • Tools

    Tracking Software Program options
    Sample Portfolios
    Entrepreneurial Talent Resources

  • Resource Hot Links