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Entrepreneurial Resources Assessment

What resources exist, in your community and beyond, to meet the needs of entrepreneurs? Starting with your local "go to" resources, this package will help you inventory and connect with service provider partners.

Identify your community's "GO TO" resources to meet the needs of entrepreneurs you are targeting. Part 4 of 5 departments covering assessment. Includes:

  • Entrepreneur Resources Guide
  • Mapping Worksheets

    System Stakeholders
    Area Resource Team
    External Resource Network
    Pathway Resources
    Retail Resources
    Go To Resources
    Foundational Resources

  • Other Worksheets

    Resource Partners Checklist
    Resources Partners Mapping Worksheet

  • Creating Entrepreneurial Commmunities
    Entrepreneurial Community in Kansas City
    Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Diagnostic Toolkit
    Introducing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
    Leveraging Regional Assets
    Local Competitiveness Fostered through Local Institutions for Entrepreneurship
    Supporting High Growth Entrepreneurs
    Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship, from the Economic Development Journal