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Metrics & Stories

The success of community or regional entrepreneurship initiatives requires two things. One, you need to be clear about your goals. Two, you need a way to measure how far you’ve come over time. When you are able to track your success, you can share these accomplishments with partners, funders, policy makers and your community. Taking a close look at your own performance and success also provides you with the insights you need to continually improve your practice. Learning from your success, as well as your challenges, is a critically important part of the entrepreneurial experience.

To get started, download the following resources:

Metrics & Stories Info Sheet

The Power of Case Studies

For materials referenced in our book:

Hierarchy of Community Impacts, Heartland Center for Leadership Development

alt.Consulting Annual Report (now Communities Unlimited)

Pottawattamie County Iowa Progress Report

Rawlins County Measurement Tools Webinar


The full Metrics & Stories package includes:

Metrics & Stories Info Sheet

Our Metrics & Stories Guide

A link to a recorded webinar on Metrics & Stories

Sample Metrics from Kansas

Sample Stories from Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa

Other useful background and research