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Development Opportunities Assessment

Want to know more about your local economy and what the future might hold? This package will help you discover the genuine opportunities that your community has for entrepreneur development.

Knowing how your regional economy is doing and where it is heading provides insights into development opportunities. Part 2 of 5 departments covering assessment. Includes:

  • Development Opportunities Guide
  • Community Assessments Tool
  • 6 Sample Community Assessments
  • Development Opportunities Examples
  • Community Capacity Questionnaire
  • Learning from the Past Exercise
  • Sample Scorecard from Garza County Texas
  • Sample Targeted Industry Study for the San Luis Valley
  • Sample Background Research from Arkansas Project

    Sample Development Opportunity Assessment
    Sample Dumas and Desha County PowerPoint Presentation
    Sample ESRI Market Profiles
    Sample ESRI Purchasing Power Profiles
    Sample ESRI Retail MarketPlace Profiles
    Sample ESRI Tapestry Segmentation Area Profiles
    Sample Socioeconomic Profile from Headwaters Economics