History and Structure

The Center was launched in 2001 with an initial investment provided by the Kauffman Foundation and the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI). While the Center received some annual support from RUPRI through May 2011, the bulk of the Center’s more than $10 million in activity generated since its founding has been through the opportunities generated and captured by the Center’s co-founders, Deb Markley and Don Macke.

In 2017 the Center was acquired by Virginia Community Capital (VCC), a community development financial institution (CDFI), to be part of the team that launched LOCUS Impact Investing, a social enterprise with a mission to empower place-focused foundations to invest their capital locally to build prosperous, vibrant communities. The Center's community development philanthropy work and analytic tools, including Transfer of Wealth™ Analysis, will continue to evolve and bring value to foundations as part of the broader LOCUS mission.

You can continue to explore our entrepreneurship work on this Center website. We look forward to providing a more comprehensive range of solutions for communities through this transition!